Plug In

I recently started reading “A Jewel In His Crown” by Priscilla Shirer. She tells a story about a woman who purchased the best refrigerator money can buy, stacked it full of food but because she never plugged it in the refrigerator didn’t work. Priscilla Shirer was talking about spending money to make ourselves look good on the outside

Sometime ago my Pastor at church talked about something similar. We can’t expect the lights to work in the church if we never turn on the switch. Pastor Bowen was talking about accessing God’s power in your life.

Both analogies got me thinking about how much we miss out on trying to be fake or by not calling on Jesus. God’s desire is that our lives glorify Him. How can we do that if we can’t be honest with the one who created us? Are we afraid He will find out we aren’t perfect? Here’s the thing: He already knows. He’s just waiting for us to realize that.

The beauty of God is that He doesn’t need us to be perfect to use us. Jonah wasn’t perfect but he was still called to speak God’s word to a nation. Moses wasn’t perfect but he was used to free God’s chosen people from Egyptian rule. David wasn’t perfect but through his bloodline Jesus was born.

The Pharisees thought they were perfect but they missed the blessing of having Jesus’ wisdom directly impact their lives and they were never used to do God’s work.

So ask yourself this: are you going to live a life filled with perfection or a life filled with Jesus? 

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