Are You a Missing Person?

Help me, help me! I’ve lost her!

Ma’am who did you lose?

Please just help me find her!

I can’t help you until I know who you’ve lost.

I’ve lost me!

A very dear friend of mine recently started a five week workshop focusing on becoming a better you and on the second week she talked about finding the “her” that you are meant to be. That got me to thinking about a lot of things but in particular it got to me thinking about being a missing person.

100% of the population focuses on someone in the past that was taken or lost but I wanted to focus on a different aspect…what about the missing person in the future? The person that God called you to be that will never be found because of fear, anxiety, worry, guilt…chains of bondage. So often we are stuck in a situation not because we want to be but because our minds are so chained up we don’t know any better. We stay in jobs that are no longer providing us what we need. We stay in relationships or friendships because we don’t want to be alone. We stay at churches because it’s the one we grew up in even though our time of growth has come to an end.

God’s plan does not include for us to stay dormant and stagnant in a church, job, relationship and even a place of residence. God’s plan is to constantly move us higher and closer to Him to create a level of dependence so deep with Him that to move without Him seems unnatural. Sometimes, as I learned tonight, we will lose people we were once close with and things we once thought were important in our search to find our missing person.

The missing person that God placed deep down in your spirit just waiting to be found. The missing person that will occasionally pop her head out for sunshine but we are so oblivious to who she is we don’t recognize her. The missing person that is that voice crying out in the wilderness (Apostle John). The missing person that is standing alone in a desert waiting for rain (Noah). The missing person speaking up for a nation even though it may cost them their life (Moses and Esther).

No it won’t be easy. Yes you may feel alone. Yes you will cry out to God “why me” but at the end of your journey you will shout “THANK YOU JESUS I HAVE FOUND MY MISSING PERSON-I HAVE FOUND ME.”

8 thoughts on “Are You a Missing Person?

  1. Melissa this post is on point. Thank you for being willing to face the hard decision to make your life pleasing to God & because we are around you we get the benefit of your growth. Love you~ Coach Kecia


  2. This is so true. I'm sure many of us can relate to it. There are many things in life that can hold us hostage if we let it. Many times it's the things that you mentioned. I'm proud of you for having enough Faith & Courage to step out of the boat. Keep your eyes on Jesus no matter what.


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