It’s Not My Fault

How many of you remember having a house guest as a child? I do. I can’t tell you when they showed up just that they were always there. I never saw them but they seemed to get into a lot of trouble. Still don’t know who they were? They were the additional child you mother never gave birth to and they were your best friends. As a matter of fact they are still around now. They go by the name of “not me”, “I’ don’t know” and “I didn’t do it” and they were your scapegoat.

As a child it was easy to place blame on someone else but part of our ascent into adulthood is learning to take responsibility for our actions and to face whatever consequences come as a result of our decisions-good or bad. Unfortunately too many adults still have a child’s mentality and find it easy to blame others for the position they are in. Society doesn’t help. They are constantly telling us that our problems are not our fault. If you’re overweight blame the fast food restaurant. It can’t possibly be because you don’t exercise or eat the right foods. If you not able to get a good education it’s because your parents didn’t have enough money never mind the fact that there are scholarships available or you could actually work your way through college.

Our young women get caught up in the lie believing that their worth is made up of shaking their butts and sleeping around. Our young men get caught up in the lie that they are only good for selling drugs or selling women. Believing those lies makes it easier to place blame and continue making bad choices. But here’s the thing just as we chose to take the wrong road we can choose to take the right road. No matter what situation we are faced with we all eventually end up at the fork in the road. Do we go left or right? Do we choose to continue blaming others or do we move on with our lives? Blaming others is the comfortable choice because we’ve done it all our lives but there is so much peace, joy and possibility in moving on. Jesus didn’t come and die on the cross for us not to live an abundant life.

Women your worth is not made up of your hair, your butt, your thighs, your breasts-your worth is made up of your spirit, your heart, your soul and the purpose God has placed in you. Men you were created for more than just selling drugs and women-you were made to be the protector, provider, leader and a reflection of God’s love.

Let’s stop making excuses or blaming others and start living the life God has for us.

One thought on “It’s Not My Fault

  1. I’m all FOR self reflection and correction!! It takes mental presence and awareness to break the chains of the immaturity you’ve described.


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