Dear God today I need your comfort. My heart is heavy. Today I need your strength. My body is weak. Today I need your love. My spirit is lonely. Hold me in your arms Lord and cradle me like a child.

If you’ve ever said a prayer like that you are not alone. The wonderful, awesome thing about God is that He will always answer that prayer.

When our hearts are heavy He sends laughter our way. When we are weak He provides us rest. When we are lonely He surrounds us with the Holy Spirit.

I know it may seem like just words and when you are in the middle of a situation it can feel that way but it’s not. He really does provide us with what we need even if we can’t see it at the time. There have been plenty of times when I wondered why but when I look back on the situation I see the hand of God.

Even in my current situation I see the hand of God and for that I say thank you Lord.

Continue trusting in God. Allow Him to surround you with His grace & mercy and don’t forget to laugh.

3 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. Perfect reminder this week. I had a friend pass away this past Friday, and it was very difficult news to hear. I just so happened to have planned a spontaneous trip the week before and left the next day. It was just the comfort I needed and God knew it before I did. I was able to escape and take a step back and realize that His hand is in it all. And although it is still impossible to understand why these tragedies happen, it is amazing to feel his overwhelming love and comfort through them.


  2. Yes we all need comfort sometime, I’ve prayed for it a lot this week. To know a God like ours is comforting in itself. The Bible tells us that He is the God of all comfort that comforts us in our troubles , so we may comfort others with the comfort we have received from him.
    There is purpose in our pain.


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