The Spirit of Christmas

Shop, shop, shop. Spend, spend, spend. That’s what Christmas has become for the majority of people. They spend what they don’t have and they buy for people they don’t like simply because society has said that’s what Christmas is about. Making money for the retailers of the world. And I’ll be honest I’ve gotten caught up in that mentally as well. Sometimes it’s hard not to-everywhere you look it hits you in the face and this year it seems like it started earlier than usual.

But even with all the consumerism around I make it a point to remind myself of what this time of year is really about-Jesus and being with loved ones enjoying laughter, good food and making memories.

So as we gather around each other opening presents and after all the wrapping paper is thrown away let’s take the time to give thanks for what we have and for another opportunity to give and receive love.

Be safe everyone.

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