Talk, Talk, Talk

SunshineOver the last few weeks I’ve been able to talk about my most favorite subject.

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love movies. Some might even say I was addicted to movies. I love watching movies. Talking about movies. Learning about the behind the scenes of movies to find out why the director cut a certain scene or why the composer chose the music they used in the film. And my love of movies varies throughout all genres-comedy, drama, musicals, action just to name a few. I can talk about a good movie for hours on end especially if the writing, acting and music all fall into place.

I also enjoy talking about a good book. One that keeps me enchanted for hours on end. One that once I start I can’t put down. One that is so well written that I feel as if I’m the character. I enjoy books that aren’t too predictable or too abstract. A good book just as a good movie should stay with you. You should be able to close your eyes and visualize the scenes written in the book or how they were portrayed in the movie. But even though I get excited talking about movies and books they are not my favorite subject.

My absolute favorite subject to talk about is Jesus. I love, love, love talking about Jesus. About His love for us. His sacrifice. His goodness. His kindness. His mercy. His grace. I love how we get the opportunity to brag on who He is and what He does. How He continues to love us even when we fall down.

I love how He watches over us. How He constantly provides for us. How He always knows what we need when we need it. Talking about Jesus always helps to remind me of just how much Jesus loves me. How much He loves the world. I mean think about it, He died for us. He came down from His throne in heaven to live among us all to reconcile us back to God by dying on the cross. Who else but Jesus would do something that wonderful.

He constantly answers our prayers even when we don’t think they are being answered. You see sometimes the things we feel are the most difficult or the times we feel that God is the most distant are the times when He is the closest or doing the most work in our lives. I’ve been there. I’ve felt the distance and asked myself why but looking back I can see His hand all over the situation. I can see His love and knowing of His love for me helps me make it through the day. Even when I don’t feel as if anyone loves me I know that Jesus loves does.

It excites me and rejuvenates me talking about the goodness of God. And I am thankful that I get the opportunity to do just that.

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