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Do You Believe?

One of my favorite women of God is Priscilla Shirer, and I was listening to a talk she gave, in which she told a story about a misunderstanding at the airport. The trip was being taken by her, her husband, her children and her assistant. For some reason her assistant ended up in a different line to get through security and her line wasn’t moving as fast as everyone else’s. Priscilla’s husband sent the assistant a text letting her know that they would meet her at the gate which was right outside of security. The assistant acknowledged the text but somehow ended up going to a gate at the other end of the airport and almost missed her flight. When she finally did get on the flight everyone asked why she ended up at the wrong gate. Her response was that she thought Priscilla’s husband didn’t mean to say the gate he had said. His response-if she would have just believed what was written in the text she could have saved herself a lot of unnecessary problems.

Such a simple story about a flight from the airport but it stayed in my mind. How many times do we cause ourselves problems because we don’t believe the words that are written in the bible?  Jesus said that He came to give us life but we continue to live in death because we believe our past. Jesus said that we no longer need to feel condemned but we live in a prison because we choose to believe that friend who is constantly putting us down. Jesus said that we are victorious but we continue to live as a victim because we choose to believe Satan.

God’s word is written plainly and clearly for us to follow but it’s easier to just skim over the words just enough to say that we saw it but not enough to absorb them. We look at the words in the bible and we pick & choose what we are going to believe. We know that instead of complaining we should pray but we say “you don’t know the people I encounter” or “I spend too much time in traffic and people don’t know how to drive” (that’s my favorite statement) or “my job is driving me crazy” however the truth is none of these statements matter. Our conduct needs to reflect Jesus and not the world.

Most of the time,whether we know it or not, someone is always watching how we act and listening to what we say & if we don’t act in a way that displays our belief in the word of God how can we expect someone else who is not a Christian to believe in Jesus. I know it’s hard. Trust me. I fell into this trap a few years ago. I remember talking to my mom and I made the statement that while I don’t always do what God’s word says I do believe everything that is in the bible. Now how does that sound? Notice I didn’t say that I strive to follow God’s word but I sometimes fall short. I flat out said that I don’t do everything He says.

That is just utter defiance and if we have that mindset we might as well not believe. I mean think about it if we said the same thing to our parents -“I heard what you said but I’m not going to do it”- we probably wouldn’t have made it to adulthood but we hold onto that mindset with God. Maybe it’s because we can’t physically see Him. Maybe it’s because there is a level of pride in us. Maybe it’s because we just get comfortable in what we’re doing. Whatever the reason, as Christians, our goal is to continue to strive toward the mark (see Philippians 3:14).

I’m thankful to God that I’m able to say that now I’m striving toward that mark. My goal everyday is to do what He says. Am I perfect? Absolutely not, but God doesn’t call us to perfection. He calls us to holiness.

So my question to you is this, will you believe what is written?