Tell Me Lies

I stumbled across this show on PBS called The Widower and the basic premise is that this man meets, marries and kills or attempts to kill his wives. He first gains their trust by preying on their sympathies and then slowly begins to enact his plan of killing them. He tells one woman that he’s going through chemotherapy. He shaves his head and gives himself needle marks to make the lie more convincing and it got me thinking about how far people will go to deceive others and even themselves.

We live in a world where it’s easy to gain knowledge of people through social media, internet searches and background checks yet with all this technology there are many, many stories of people still getting scammed. Why? Because at the heart of it all we still want to believe what we want to believe. Think about the times when something was presented to you and everyone else could see how it wasn’t good for you. They tried talking to you. They tried texting you. They tried emailing you. They tried sending smoke signals to let you know you shouldn’t go down the path you were headed but nothing they said or did changed your mind.

During those times the already bad decision becomes compounded by even more bad decisions. Our judgment is off and we begin to slip further and further away from the person that we used to be. Sometimes the descent is only for a short while and sometimes it can be for years and years but however long the descent it’s never too far that we can’t be brought back.

Eve was deceived by the snake in the garden and even though God had to remove both her and Adam He still wanted to maintain a relationship with them. David was deceived by lust and even though he lost his first child with Bathsheba God still allowed his bloodline to be the link to Jesus. Judas was deceived by greed but even though Jesus knew he was going to be betrayed He still humbled himself, washed Judas’s feet, picked up His cross, walked up to Calvary where He was crucified for Judas’s sins…where He was crucified for my sins…where He was crucified for your sins…where He was crucified for the world’s sins.

Jesus’s atonement on the cross was for everyone. He’s just waiting for us to believe. Believe not lies but the truth. What do you believe?


photo credit: Carlos Velayos <a href=”″>Believe</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Lies

  1. Beautifully written and so very true. When you finally get to the place in you relationship with Jesus that you can hear his voice above the noise of the world and the lies of the enemy, it is an amazing thing. When you are able to hear his voice and walk in obedience, That is victory!


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