We Are Not Alone

She always felt like no one understood her. How could they? She never wanted to let anyone in but lately…lately she’s been noticing that people are more like her than she realized. Her whole life has been about pleasing other people. She never wanted to get out of line simply because people don’t notice you if you aren’t out of line. Unfortunately people don’t notice you which can create quite a lonely existence. However it was a life she was comfortable with; a life that was familiar. But did she want her life to be familiar? Comfortable? No and as she allowed her walls to come down her world opened up and she learned that she wasn’t alone.

I’m pretty sure this scenario isn’t unique to me and how I’m feeling. Comfort in itself is not a bad thing. It helps us to get through difficult times and provides a sense of security but when it becomes our whole way of life it can keep us from doing the very thing we’ve always dreamed of doing. We start to make excuses and reasons why we should take the next step forward. I recently read that our dreams are to help someone else but our comfort is to help ourselves. If that is true, and I believe it is, why is it so difficult for us to do the simplest thing which is to live out our dreams? And here’s the thing our dreams aren’t just something for us to think about or envision when we go to sleep at night. Our dreams is the purpose that God Himself has placed within us to further His kingdom. He gave us a command to go into the world and proclaim the gospel. How we do that is different for every one of us and that’s what make us so special. Some of us use the written word. Some of us use paint brushes. Some of us use the spoken word. Some of us use cameras. But all of us use our lives. So dream on dreamers and allow God to show you how beautiful stepping out on faith can be.

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