“Where are we going?” It’s a question that has been asked over and over again usually by children of their parents because they want to have some control over their destination. Sometimes the parents tell them and other times they keep the kids in the dark asking for trust simply because they are the parent. That’s how God wants us to live…in complete and utter trust in Him but that’s not always what we do.

Speaking for myself I know it’s difficult to let go of the control over my life. I would love to have a book that will point out every option and the consequences before making a move. I say that it would be nice but I know myself…the more choices I have the less likely I am to make a decision. I mean it took me two years to purchase a laptop. Not because I was looking for something spectacular but because there were too many choices and I didn’t want to make the wrong choice. I honestly thank God that while He doesn’t give us a blueprint of our lives He does give us a manual as a guide to help us as we walk through life.

The bible has been given to us to teach, correct, edify, and encourage but those things can only happen if we are open and receptive to the urging of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings God’s word to life. He provides peace. He provides comfort. He provides understanding but most of all He provides direction by leading us back to God’s word.

So when you find yourself wondering where you are going and you are feeling directionless allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate your one true compass – The Bible.


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