The Other Side

It happens all the time. We pray for something, God says what He will do but because it doesn’t happen right away or things get worse we begin to complain and think that God has forgotten about us.

It happened to the Israelites in the book of Exodus. God told them He would bring them to a better land however they began to complain because Pharaoh’s seemed to have them cornered. Their main complaint – why did God brings out to the wilderness just to have us die? In their minds they could have stayed in Egypt. Never mind that in Egypt they were enslaved and worked half to death.

It also happened to the disciples. Jesus told them to get in the boat so they could go to the other side. When they got to the middle of the ocean they ran right into the storm while Jesus slept on the boat. The disciples wholeheartedly believed they were going to die.

In both instances the destination was always known. God knew where He was taking both the Israelites and the disciples & even told them but because they didn’t know the details of the journey they doubted.

Sound familiar? I’ve often said that end of our journey is already known we just have to keep walking and be patient until it’s revealed to us.

In the end the Israelites walked through dry land in the middle of the sea and did not face death at the point of Pharaoh’s sward. The disciples made it to the other side where they were able to witness Jesus perform more miracles.

God never said that we would have a road map that showed where every decision would take us but He did say that no matter what He would be there.


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