Moving Forward

I was looking through my notes and came across a question I had written but after writing it I never really gave it any thought until tonight.

Am I prepared for the next level in my life? This is the question I wrote. This is the question we all need to answer at one point in our lives.

No matter what that next level might be it’s important that we are prepared. Being prepared doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. Being prepared means that you are open to whatever God is doing in your life. It means allowing Him to truly direct your paths and trust that where He is taking you is good.

Noah’s preparation consisted of building an ark and filling it with animals. Jonah’s preparation included being in the belly of a whale for three days. Paul’s preparation sent him to a street called Straight. Mary traveled to Judea for her preparation. The biggest preparation occurred when Jesus let go of His divinity to come and die for our sins. His entire life was one big preparation for His crucifixion.

Nothing about what Noah, Jonah, Paul, Mary or Jesus did was easy and God never said it was going to be easy but they were all open to God’s direction.

So again I ask you…are you prepared for the next level in your life?

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