What If…

What if life was like a tv show? What if every problem was fixed in 30 or 60 minutes? What would you miss? Would you be the same person you are today?

Life is about the experiences. Imagine how bland our lives would be if we didn’t have the opportunity to experience things good or bad. I had an awesome experience living in San Francisco in my twenties because I decided to not live my life in 30 minute segments. I decided to live my life minute by minute allowing for the grace to enjoy where I was at the time.

This wasn’t easy for me to embrace but once I did embrace it I thoroughly enjoyed my time in San Francisco. Had I not been open I wouldn’t have found a job with a company that allowed me to transfer back home. Through that job doors continued to be open that have led to the position I’m in today.

Were things always neat and tidy? No and honestly I don’t think I would want things neat and tidy. That wasn’t the case, however, when I was in the situation. Mainly because I didn’t understand what God was doing. I didn’t understand when others were promoted or got better jobs when I had prayed for that. I didn’t understand when friends of mine were getting married and I wasn’t even (still isn’t) dating.  But I look back now and I realize that my walk wasn’t and isn’t supposed to be the same as someone else’s walk.

I would have missed out on so much if I kept my eyes focused on what I didn’t have or wanting things to be neat and tidy instead of where God was trying to take me.

So even though we live in a microwave world. Even though patience isn’t the norm. Even though we binge watch because we can’t take time to leisurely enjoy a show, I hope I remember to allow slow down and embrace the life I’ve been given.

night television tv video

Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

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