If you read my last post you saw I referenced that fact that we have become a society of people that love to binge watch. Well…I’m one of the society. I recently started watching a show about people who have changed the interiors of their homes to display their passion. Sometimes they are odd but they are all interesting because they show how far people will go for things that have become a part of their heart.

I’m sitting watching this show as I’m typing this and honestly I’m in awe of their dedication. The amount of money they spend. And their determination not to give up.

Wow. How much would I get accomplished in my life if I had the same determination not to give up? I probably wouldn’t be binge watching shows on Netflix for a start. But honestly as crazy as it sounds seeing other people achieving their dreams and doing what excites them gives me inspiration.

It allows me to see what can be done in life and how awesome it can be to share your passions with others.

So I will continue to binge watch shows that inspire me, shows that make me think and yes, shows that allow me to not think at all; but with all of that I will place it in perspective and use the inspiration as fuel for my life.

black and white blackboard business chalkboard

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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