Over the last few days I’ve heard two different perspectives on being the baby of the family. One perspective was from the side of the older siblings. They felt that the baby of the family was spoiled because they were able to get away with anything they wanted. The other perspective was from the side of the youngest child. They felt left out because there weren’t a lot of pictures of them and they didn’t get everything their older siblings got.

They all grew up in the same family with the same parents but they both had different experiences. Why? because of their perceptions.

One of the definitions of perception is “a way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something; a mental impression.” A mental impression. Those experiences you thought were not important. Those experience you shrugged off actually helped make you who  you are.

It doesn’t matter when you were born or what challenges you were born with God can still use you. David was the baby of his family and he ended up being king. Moses stuttered and he was chosen to be God’s voice of freedom. Abraham and Sara were way past being able to have a child but God picked them to be parents to the child of promise.

Never underestimate how God can use the things that have been imprinted on you. Don’t let the perception of what you went through cloud God’s perception of who you were meant to be.

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