I recently had the opportunity to walk along the beach and as the sand was going through my toes I looked out at the water and became overwhelmed with the enormity of God’s power. Looking out on the water and not being able to see the end I felt so small and humbled thinking about how endless Gods grace and mercy is toward us.

When I was walking on the beach there were times when I was close to the water but I wasn’t in the water. There were other times when I was in the water but just barely. And there were times when I was surrounded by the water.

For me I equate that with my ebbs and flows with God. When I was close to the water I had to intentionally move toward the water. When I feel distant from God I need to intentionally move toward Him. When I was barely in the water I felt it move over my feet and it was enough but it wasn’t all that it could be. Just like with God it’s enough to attend church and read a bible plan each morning on my phone but it never goes deeper. When I went deeper in the water and allowed it to wash over more than just my feet it was exhilarating. It was a little scary but I always wanted more. By allowing God to wash His presence over me so much happens in my life and I always want more.

Why don’t I stay in the waves? Why is it easier to stay in the sand and allow bits and pieces of God to wash over me? There is so much more to learn about how much God loves us and how awesome it is to live in His grace & mercy. I am truly grateful to have the chance to see His beauty up close.

So where are you? Are you close but not in the water? Are you in the water but just barely? Or are you in the waves?

beach water steps sand

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