Dry Bones

Sunday at church the sermon came from Ezekiel 37:1-3 where God asks him about the dry bones. When the Pastor was getting into the heart of his message he asked a question about who the bones were. He didn’t stay on that question because his message was about what we need to do to help the bones live but I couldn’t stop thinking about the stories of those dry bones and how they ended up in that valley.

Maybe one set of the dry bones was the Hannah’s of the world who desperately wanted to have a child. Maybe another set was the Joseph’s of the world where is seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is too far to even be a flicker. Or maybe they are the bones of the widows of the world that can’t pay their bills and don’t see anyway out but death. Or maybe they are the bones of the Gomer’s of the of the world who thought the only way to feel loved was to have sex.

We have all been those dry bones at one point in our lives but just as the bones came to life by hearing the word of God and feeling the breath of God we need to respond to God’s word and His breath to continue moving through life. God’s word in tandem with the Holy Spirit give us the strength to keep praying for a child while feeding into the lives of children without parents. It gives us the perseverance to keep moving toward the light even when it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer. It gives us the hope to trust that God will provide & sustain even through the stack of bills. It gives us the confidence to know that we don’t need to give of ourselves sexually to feel loved.

Jesus died so we could draw on His strength, His perseverance, His hope and His confidence when we are lacking. If we focus our hearts and our eyes to the One who loves us our bones will never be dry again.

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Photo by shy sol on Pexels.com


3 thoughts on “Dry Bones

  1. That was really cool, Melissa. I never thought about who those dry bones belonged to, but they did belong to someone, didn’t they? It makes me look at my life before Jesus to see where my dry bones lay. Praise God for breathing life into me! Now it is our turn to breath life into dry bones walking among us in our families, work place, friends and strangers. I pray that God would give us the strength and courage to heal the dry bones all around us. To not only do the work in us, but through us for His Glory. Stay Well My Friend!


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