Date of Birth

I’ve heard people say before that they don’t celebrate birthdays and every time I hear it I wonder why. Why not celebrate the day God gave you life? Why not celebrate another year that you were able to live? Why not rejoice in who you are and in who you are becoming?

And I wonder if it’s just birthdays or if it’s other important dates. Do they celebrate anniversaries? Do they remember loved ones who have passed away? Do they stop to think about the importance of Christmas and Easter or are those just regular days to them as well?

Maybe they don’t want the attention to be placed all on them. I can understand that. Maybe they think having a huge party with lots of gifts seems unnecessary. I can understand that as well. But what if that day is spent thanking God for everything He has brought you through over the last year of your life.

I can just imagine how God feels as the day of your birth gets closer and closer and He’s sitting in Heaven in anticipation of How you will celebrate the day you were born and you just treat it like any other day.

That to me seems incredibly selfish-treating that day as any other day and not acknowledging it as the day God gave you purpose by giving you life. Please don’t get me wrong or misunderstand what I’m saying. Everyday in our lives is important but why not just step back, and relish in the fact that God thought so much of you and what you could become that He felt the world needed you. Each day, each month, each year you are here is an opportunity to thank Him for that life.

How humbling and honoring to think of your birthday in that way.

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One thought on “Date of Birth

  1. Thank You for the reminder to remember. We often get so busy with being about our business that we forget the rest and enjoyment of all God has done for us.

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