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I spend way too much time on Facebook. It has become one of the biggest wastes of my time. I find myself checking it not necessarily to see if anyone has responded to something I posted because to be honest I don’t post all that much, but I find myself watching videos, scrolling through my news feed, reading posts in the groups I’m connected to.¬†Sometimes it’s good because I can get inspiration but most of the time it’s because it causes me to focus on the wrong things.

The same thing has happened to this world with Nike’s endorsement deal with Colin Kaepernick. There is so much controversy about Nike’s endorsement and Colin’s decision to take a knee that those have become the issue. But those aren’t really the issue. Colin didn’t take a knee because he was tired. Colin didn’t take a knee because he had to tie his shoe. He took a knee in protest of the lives that have been taken at the hands of people who have abused their power.

No one however is talking about the reason why he took a knee which is exactly what Satan wants. His desire is for us to focus on everything except the issue so that we never deal with whats truly going on and so that we will never heal. His mission is to kill, steal and destroy by any means necessary including deception & distraction.

He won’t come right out and tell us that what he’s presenting is wrong but he’ll present in such a way that we won’t know it’s wrong until it’s too late. This country has been teetering on the edge for so long that it’s only a matter of time before we implode. We are never going to be what God intended for us to be if we don’t recognize that slavery, bigotry, hatred and murder was and still is a part of our make-up.

Our President talks about being great again however if we have never acknowledged the injustice that has taken place since the moment we stepped foot on this land we will never be great. Greatness isn’t just given it’s earned and you can’t earn it without sacrifice. Letting go of preconceived ideas of entitlement, acknowledging mistakes, asking for forgiveness and working toward restoration.

So let’s begin the healing process. Not by distraction of the Nike-Colin Kaepernick deal but by looking at our history, seeking to understand and working toward forgiveness.

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Never Forget

What causes us to hold onto hope? How do we know that things will work out when they seem insurmountable? How do we hold onto our faith? These are questions that I’ve asked myself over the course of my life and as recently as yesterday.¬†It seems that when I’m faced with problems I get what my Pastor calls “spiritual amnesia”. This occurs when we forget how much God has done for us in the past.

I am in the process of finishing a reading plan on biblical meditation and one of the day’s scripture reading was on remembering our history with God. One of the verses they highlighted was Psalm 77:3-12 which speaks to just this idea. The writer was lamenting about not seeing God work in his situation and questioned if he has lost favor with God. But by the end he remembered just how much God had done for him and he concentrated on God’s goodness as whole.

Honestly, I am constantly telling myself to think back on everything that God has done for me and think about how far I’ve come just because of His goodness. This is a hard-fought battle for me because I can burrow deep in my mind and find the darkest corner and stay there. Not healthy.

One of my favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:6-8 which talks about not giving in to anxiety but praying to God about the things that are making us anxious and to think on things that are positive which includes God’s goodness. If we focus on the positive instead of on the negative things will get better. Maybe not right now. Maybe the situation itself won’t change but how we view it, how we deal with it will change.

We then have hope. We believe in others & ourselves. We most importantly believe God’s word and can continue to walk with the confidence that we can face anything.

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