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A few weeks I watched several documentaries about the festival that never happened. One of the things focused on were the models who helped promote this festival on their social media. They called them influencers because they were able to increase awareness simply by posting a picture.

A simple picture. Or just one word. That’s all it took for people to buy into the idea of being on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean listening to music, eating good food and enjoying good drinks-partying. So here is my question, how much influence are we having on the people in our lives? Do people look to us for the picture or the word that will cause them to buy into the idea of eternal life?

The models were able to get people to envision themselves in a better place than where they currently were. They hadn’t touched the beach. Tasted the food or drinks. Felt the warm air but they wholeheartedly believed in what they were sold. That’s how much influence we as Christians should have. Who we are, how we live, what we speak should make people envision themselves living a life filled by the holy spirit.

In the end the festival never happened. The people who paid their money to attend the festival were swindled but it wasn’t just them. The models were also swindled. The awesome thing about God is that He never swindles anyone. The glory of the life He promises will never return void. There is never a fear of leading people to Jesus because He will never fail.


photo credit: Leonard J Matthews <a href=”″>Isaiah 55: 1-2</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;