God Pleaser

“Good evening. This is the helpers hotline. How may we help you?” “Thank you for taking my call. I’m stuck in a revolving situation of pleasing people. I get so focused on making sure there is peace and everyone’s feelings are right that I don’t know who I am. I agonize over every decision that I sometimes become paralyzed with fear and no decision get’s made. Or I start rethinking decisions I’ve already made. Or give explanations to people that don’t necessarily need an explanation. I am tired of feeling this way. Please help me.”

Does this sound like you? If not be thankful but if it does, know that you are not alone because this was me. I have lived most if not all of my adult life watching it from the sidelines. Decisions were made based on how it would affect others not how it would affect me. Don’t get me wrong there are times when the best decision isn’t a personal gain but it’s best for someone else. It’s good to sacrifice for others but the problem comes when sacrificing becomes your way of life. Where you start to wonder where you begin and others end.

Living my life from the sidelines has also caused me to say yes to things I should have said no to and vice versa. I’ve moved out of an apartment into a roommate situation that was not good for me. I’ve taken or left jobs trying to make other peoples lives easier. There are friendships I didn’t cultivate because I was too focused on other people I thought were my friends. Striving to please people will not only lead you away from your purpose and blessing but most importantly it will lead you away from Jesus.

When I stop and think about what I’ve missed out on by putting others ahead of Jesus; ahead of what He wanted for me and what He created me to do I honestly get sad. But then I start thinking about how God is a God of forgiveness and how He continues to give me chances to get it right and that fills me with joy and hope.

Everyday I wake up is a chance to put God first in my life. That doesn’t apply just to me. Everyday you wake up is an opportunity to put God first as well. Have you taken that opportunity?

One thought on “God Pleaser

  1. I love the topic. I too am grateful that God’s grace and mercy are new each day. He doesn’t just give us a second chance but many.


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