On my way to work one day I saw the following words on a license plate cover “Are you following Jesus this close?” The point of the license plate was two-fold. One was to get you to move back and the other was to get you thinking about your relationship with Jesus. So that’s what I did, I moved back and I started thinking about Jesus.

photo of child reading holy bible

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I began thinking about how much time I was spending with God. Am I giving Him my undivided attention? Am I seeking to know Him better? Am I living my life in a way that shows how His spirit is moving in me? Am I kind to His people? Am I living a life of peace? Am I faithfully trusting in God?

Or am I walking around angry all the time? Am I looking down on others? Am I judging more than seeking to understand? Am I saying that I’m a Christian but living like I’ve never even heard of John 3:16?

We tend to take on the traits of people in our family. We may laugh like our mother, or have the same hair texture as our brother. As Christians we are part of Gods family and we should be reflecting Christ’s character. But how can we do that if we don’t even know what traits make up His character? If we don’t take the time to learn of Him.

I probably won’t see that car again but I can guarantee you it has made it’s mark. Thanks to that car this question will forever be in my mind and heart…Do I follow Jesus as closely as I should?

What about you?