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What You Do In The Dark

I was recently thinking about something my aunt said to my cousin years ago “remember what you do in the dark will be shown in the light”. My aunt was referring to the fact that she know my cousin was pregnant before my cousin said anything but I know that this saying can be in reference to anything.¬†For me I was thinking about our relationship with God.

Being part of a church is important and it is something that God asks of us in Hebrews 10:25 but more important than that is having and developing a close relationship with God. Throughout the Old Testament God has always been concerned with how we interact with Him. He took Moses on a mountain for 40 days to commune with Him. He met with Jonah in a whale after Jonah ran from Him. He met with Adam daily in the Garden of Eden because He wanted that relationship with Him. And He still wants that relationship with us. He sent Jesus to reconcile us back to Him after 400 years of silence.

Why is it so important to have that relationship with Him? Because we are instructed to be conduits of His light to others and we can’t be that if we aren’t connected to the source of the light. How do we get connected to the light? We first admit that we are sinners and that we need a savior. We ask Jesus to come into our heart and make us over.


How do we stay connected to the light? We spend time building our relationship by reading His word, meditating on His word and most importantly praying & listening to what He has to say.

All those things are done in our private time with Him. You know that preparation time when no one sees you. The time when you are holding yourself accountable for how much you pray and spend time reading & meditating on His word. See the time you spend dedicated to Him in the dark will at some point show up in the light. It will show up in how you treat yourself and others. Are you judgmental? Are you angry or irritated? Are you impatient? Do you constantly compare yourself to others and weigh your achievements against theirs?

We all fall into those traps but at some point we need to decide if we are going to let the light of God’s word truly shine within us or if we are going to continue believing the worst in ourselves and others?

I have decided that I will no longer allow myself to be held in bondage by words that don’t affirm myself and others. The only way for me to break those chains of bondage is to deepen my relationship with God and allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me. What about you?