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BabyI am not an activist. I’ve never been the one to take up a cause and be on the front lines. I’ve always wanted peace and cooperation more than conflict and I enjoy staying in the background however there is something that has been on my heart for quite sometime that I need to talk about.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in the topic of abortion. In the beginning it was mostly on an academic level I think because the decision to legalize abortion occurred during the year of my birth. Then it became an issue that affected me personally through friends I’ve known that have had abortions; once when I was 18 and twice in my twenties. During two of the abortions I was in the waiting room at the clinic and the other was told to me during a conversation but all of them have had great affects on me.

I’ve always believed in God but to be honest I never gave a thought about what it meant to have an abortion and how if affected people. That was how naive I was. I remember sitting in the waiting room thinking more about my friend’s and their well being  My concern was for how they were being treated and what their recovery was going to be like. I never once thought of the procedure itself. Don’t get me wrong I never believed or thought the baby was just tissue-I just didn’t think about the baby.

I am not proud of that.

Over the last few years God has been working on my heart when it comes to this issue. See a while ago I asked God to allow me to have the same concern for the things that concern Him and He has started to answer that prayer. Please know that I am not condemning anyone for the decisions they have made but for me I can no longer think of abortion as just another procedure. My heart aches for the babies not allowed to be born and for the women who felt they had no other choice. No I’ve never been placed in that position myself and I’d like to think that I wouldn’t make the choice to abort but I honestly don’t know.

What I do know is that I now pray for life at every stage. From conception to birth to adulthood to death. And I pray that should I find myself facing an unplanned pregnancy that I would think of the child’s life over my own but truly only God knows.

I’ve asked for His forgiveness for my thoughtlessness and because of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross and His grace & mercy He has forgiven me.

I only pray that in our battle for rights and for life we don’t forget who is at the heart of this issue-the young girls & women, the unborn babies and their families. They need the same grace & mercy the Lord has extended upon us individually no matter their decision and we need to remember-they are people not political punching bags.

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15458354908_50b1ea8ab9_o.jpgThere are two major dates in our lives. The day we are born and the day we die. The question is what do we do in between those dates.

I recently lost someone very close to me and I miss her everyday. I’m constantly thinking about how much her life impacted not only her immediate family and friends but people that only knew her through her family and friends. As I got the opportunity to spend time with her before she died I started thinking about how much she means to me and how much of a legacy she was going to leave behind. And then I started thinking about what kind of legacy I wanted to leave behind.

Everyday, whether we know it or not, our lives are affecting someone else. Just as my brother said the other day we encounter people at the grocery store. When we are filling up our tanks. When we drop off our kids at school. Even when we are driving down the highway. What kind of impression do we want to leave with them? Princess Diana was a in this world for a short time but her legacy of humanitarianism is being lived out through her children and prayerfully her grandchildren. Martin Luther King Jr., Medger Evers, Malcolm X all spoke out against injustice and while their methods were all different their ideals are still being spoken about today. Jesus encountered thousands of people in His three year ministry and everyone’s life was changed as a result. People’s lives are still being changed because of His encounters. I don’t want my life to be “she was born and then she died”. Nobody’s life should just be “they were born and then they died”. Everyone should have more than just a footnote to put between the dashes.

I feel very blessed to know that I’ve been able to touch the lives I’ve already touched but I still have more living to do and more lives to touch. When I die I want people to know that Jesus loves them. That I love them and that they matter. I don’t need to know personally everyone that I touch but I do want to know that my six degrees of separation doesn’t just stop there. Paul wasn’t satisfied with just touching a few people with Jesus’s message of salvation-he wanted to touch the world.

My aunt poured a lot of who she was into me and I’m a better person for it. So this post is dedicated to her and the legacy she leaves behind in her daughters, her husband, her grandchild, her brother, her sister and the countless others she has touched. Thank you for your life Mama Barb. I miss you everyday.


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