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Say Yes

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had the gift of encouraging others to pursue their dreams. To step out on faith. To believe in themselves. I’ve been the one to promote other people in their endeavors because I’ve believed in them. Even today I directed a co-worker to my sister’s cake making site but when it comes to me and my dreams I’ve never allowed the words I’ve given others to penetrate my own heart. I think the main reason has to do with me not thinking that I’m good enough. Not thinking that what I have to offer is as good as what someone else has to offer but I am beginning to see things differently.

I recently attended a Christian Writer’s Conference that was filled with many writers in various stages of writing. Some were just starting out; some had already been published but all of them had the desire to see their words on paper so that they could touch someone else. The keynote speaker made it a point to remind each and every one of us that even though we were all in the same room together each of us was given a distinct voice that will be used by God and that we should resist the urge to not only compare ourselves to one another but also to give into the fear and not say yes to the things that God has for us. Such a simple statement and one that we all know but it’s so difficult to execute-especially the saying yes part.

Saying yes is absolutely scary. It requires faith not only of the one asking the question but also of the one who is answering. Think about some of the biggest questions that are asked on a daily basis. “Will you go out with me?” “Will you accept the job?” “Will you marry me?” All very important, life changing questions but the biggest, most important life changing question is the one that God asks us each day we open our eyes – “Will you pick up your cross and follow me?” Will you let me lead you down the road that has many twists and turns? Will you let me be your Lord and Savior and trust that I can see end of the road even though you can’t? Will you accept me into your heart? Will you let go of the things you hold dear and put them in My hands?

For some these are simple questions to answer and the answer is always yes without any hesitation but for others (me) they are sometimes hard to answer and the answer is most of the time “maybe”.

Maybe because letting You have control means letting You take me to the uncomfortable places in my heart. Maybe because letting You have control means walking a path that is so small and narrow it’s like walking on a tightrope. Maybe because letting You have control means giving up the security I’ve gained. But wait. Why shouldn’t I say yes? Why shouldn’t I say yes to the opportunities You have for me? I said yes 17 years ago and just as a bride gives her husband her hand I gave you my heart and soul and look at how far You’ve brought me. Because of You I’ve been able to be a blessing to others and remember when someone was a blessing to me. You and I have history together Lord so right now I stand at the edge of this new journey and I’m ready to say yes.

It may be lonely. It may not be easy. It may be the most courageous thing I’ve ever done but Lord I know that with You all things are possible. So what I am saying yes to now? I’m saying yes to believing in myself. I’m saying yes to the possibilities whatever they may be. I’m saying yes to stepping out on faith.

What about you? Your “yes” journey could start by believing that Jesus came to this world to die for our sins. That by faith in Him we can all be saved. Say yes to letting Him into your heart and letting Him show you a world that is beyond all imagination.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:16-17 

Are you worth the ring?

16685624391_e84de79591_oI have always been fascinated by wedding rings, particularly women’s wedding rings. I like the design of them-the diamonds and the bands itself. I’m constantly looking at them on women’s fingers. My sister sometimes get irritated because I’m always taking her hand and looking at her ring. I’ve even gone onto a website and designed a ring for myself. I’m always looking at the left hand of women on television to see if they are married and if they are to see the size of their ring. On some level I’ve equated the size of the ring with the depth of someone’s love. The bigger the ring the more they are loved but as I’ve heard stories of some of these women I realize that the amount of money someone spends on you doesn’t determine the depth of their love for you.

That was even true in the bible. In the Book of Esther, King Ahasuerus showered Queen Vashti with gifts but the moment she decided to have a mind of her own and not come down to be paraded in front of his party guests, the King had her stripped of her gifts and her title to be given to another woman. Obviously that’s not love. But when the King met Esther he truly showed his love for her, not by how much he spent on her but by the respect he had for her. He listened and trusted her judgement and because of that love he righted a wrong and elevated her family to a high position in the kingdom. Here’s the thing, Esther was able to be loved in that way because she first loved herself in that way.

She had a sense of pride in who she was. She never thought herself better than anyone else but she never thought she was less than either. That’s how we should be. If we were to all think of ourselves in that way we wouldn’t feel as if someone had to “purchase” our love. We would know that by loving ourselves we would automatically show love to others and in return receive love.

As someone who hopes to be married one day coming to an understanding of what it means to get the ring is extremely important. Esther didn’t get her ring because she desired it for herself, she got the ring because she desired it for her people. Being worthy of the ring isn’t about you and you alone it’s about what the ring represents. It represents a vow between two people and God to further His kingdom.14537600144_d0f6f8ab53_q Esther understood that her position as the Queen wasn’t merely to walk around the palace looking cute. It was to do the will of God who placed her in that palace. I firmly believe that a marriage, especially a marriage that is built on the foundation of the bible should be focused on spreading God’s word. It should be strong within itself but not self-absorbed.

And as individuals we also should be strong within ourselves but not self-absorbed. Self absorption causes us to lose ourselves and others. Think about how a sponge works. If it’s dry it doesn’t pick up any water. It becomes useless. But when it’s wet it draws water toward it. It becomes useful. God did not place us here to be useless. As we live out our single lives we should strive to live it out as an honor to God. The same goes for our married lives. No matter what we do God should be able to get the glory.

Because Esther desired to please God above all else, to become worthy of His ring, The Holy Trinity, she pleased her husband, her uncle, her people and will forever be known as someone who helped save the Jewish nation.

Which ring are you trying to be worthy of? Man’s or God’s?

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