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It’s A Thin Line…

I have a love/hate relationship. I’ve been in it for quite some time and I can’t seem to find my way out. I spend time every morning and every evening cultivating this relationship but it still remains a shallow. There are times where I get a deeper sense of connection but the majority of the time it’s all superficial. I find myself feeling bad and comparing myself against others after our encounters. My love/hate relationship is with social media.

Social Media

To me social media is what we would call “a necessary evil”. It is such a huge time waster in our society. We can often end up spending countless hours playing games, posting, liking, sharing, scrolling to the point that when we look up the entire day has gotten away from us. We often find ourselves admiring or envying other people’s lives wishing we could have what they have. Or we lose the art of having a conversation with someone because we have become so accustomed to using social media as the main source of communication. Trust me, I know from what I speak. I had a couple of friends over about a week ago and half way through our time together all three of us were on our phones on social media looking at what someone had posted and using that as our topics of conversation. What’s wrong with that picture?

However there are some good things about social media as well. Social media has become an awesome way to stay connected to friends and family. It’s a great way to network and find jobs. And it’s a great platform to speak our minds. If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have been connected to blogging groups or groups about my favorite television shows. I wouldn’t be connected to some of my favorite inspirirational Christian speakers, teachers, & authors. I wouldn’t get the privilege of praying for others or the opportunity of touching people’s lives. Social media at it’s core is not a bad thing. It becomes bad when I allow it to consume me. It becomes bad when I distort how I view it. It becomes bad when it becomes my world.

So I will continue my relationship with social media but instead of it having control over me I will have control over it and maybe one day our relationship can grow from love/hate to love/love.

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